Wash and brush the apron in hot soapy water (40ºC) or in a mixture of water and mild detergent. Rinse with water. Do not use toxic products to clean or rinse the apron. After cleaning, store in a dry, dark and well ventilated place. The apron should be replaced when it shows signs of wear.
ELASTOMER - 450 gr/m²

Registe-se como cliente profissional para ver os preços e receber as nossas novidades (apenas para aqueles que têm uma loja de vestuário de trabalho).

Bib apron made of ELASTOMER, without pockets and with adjustable harness. Thanks to its impermeability, it is highly resistant to animal fats, blood and common cleaning products, highly flexible, comfortable and easy to clean. All this makes it ideal for work in the food industry.

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