Maximum washing temperature 40ºC. Normal process Non-bleaching Hydrocarbons (distillation temperature between 150ºC and 210ºC). Normal process Ironing at a maximum temperature of 110ºC Drum drying allowed. Drying at lower temperature
100% PES

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The SAHARA mesh cap features a neck cover and neck cover, offering exceptional protection against splashes and adverse weather conditions. These features provide added comfort and functionality, especially in kitchen environments.

This model incorporates ribbed taping on the forehead and around the face, designed to absorb sweat and minimise chafing, providing an additional level of comfort during long working days.

The mesh on the top of the cap ensures optimal ventilation, keeping the head cool and dry even in the most demanding conditions.

The neck cover, neck cover and ribbed straps ensure that professionals can work comfortably and are protected at all times.

The unisex design of this cap, together with the elasticity of the ribbed straps, ensures a secure, personalised fit for a variety of head sizes.

Ideal for laboratory, clinic, hospital or food service uniforms.

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