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Environmental policy



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Date: 08-01-24
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In GARY'S WORKWEAR we are a company whose scope is the design, production and marketing of work uniforms for the sectors of Hospitality, Health, Cleaning, Aesthetics, School and workwear except for personal protection, in response to the growing need for conservation and improvement of the Environment, which is also an obligation to the demands of a society increasingly concerned about environmental protection and sustainability, has decided to conduct its activities so as to cause the least negative impact on the general environment and that which constitutes its immediate environment.

Therefore, the Management of GARY'S WORKWEAR proclaims the following statement of "Environmental Policy" and undertakes to disseminate it, enforce it and monitor its compliance throughout the company:

GARY'S WORKWEAR embraces compliance with current environmental legislation and other environmental requirements to which the organisation subscribes, seeking early adoption of measures, changes and modifications that may result from the above.

GARY'S WORKWEAR will identify all environmental aspects arising from its activities in its facilities, both current and future and caused directly or indirectly, and incorporating a life cycle perspective.

GARY'S WORKWEAR will make every effort to make the most efficient use of the resources it uses.

GARY'S WORKWEAR, will take into account the principle of pollution prevention within the scope of its facilities. This will be done on a risk-based approach.

GARY'S WORKWEAR, will establish programmes to achieve an improvement in environmental management, implementing the appropriate methodology and practices to define environmental objectives and targets and evaluate their degree of compliance.

GARY'S WORKWEAR, in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement and the economic minimisation of the environmental impact, will carry out reviews and audits of the management system implemented, with the established frequency, to ensure compliance with the established.

GARY'S WORKWEAR, will collaborate with the authorities, customers, suppliers, employees and the general public to promote a culture that favours the protection of the environment.

Therefore, we count on the support of all the staff to maintain and develop the established management system, which will be continuously improved.

Vélez Rubio January 2024

S.D.: Luis Martínez López

CEO of Gary's Workwear, S.L.U.