About us

About us

We work to make your working day better. If you work happily, your performance improves.

Our slogan: Co-creating Happier Workplaces


Get to know us a little

We were born in 2001 in Velez-Rubio (Almeria), a small town of 6.000 inhabitants at the foot of the beautiful Sierra de Maria.

We started in small premises with 4 workers and 5 people sewing and now we have a useful surface of more than 7.300 m², more than 90 direct workers and more than 1.000 people sewing.

Our unconditional and continuous commitment to innovation, design and quality (both in terms of service and materials) has kept us in constant development in search of excellence, thus achieving raw materials of the highest level in the hands of an extraordinary team of people committed to the company.



Our mission is the design and manufacture of professional clothing, offering a great service and a wide range of products for the most demanding workers.

Our public are workers who want to be comfortable and stylish, with an absolute quality, for this we use the best raw material of the market, all this with the best possible service.


Only those who are close to their customers will discover their needs. In Garys we put all our resources, efforts and illusion to make them come true.

At Gary's we aim to be the main reference in professional fashion, both nationally and internationally, providing differentiation in design, comfort, protection and durability to all workers who wear our garments.


The company moves towards the future preserving the values of its identity. Excellence in the workplace is the essence of Uniformes Gary's, through these values that drive it:

Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Closeness, Passion.


What do we do?

We manufacture workwear mainly for the service sector, presenting annual catalogues that can be focused on the hotel and catering, health, school, beauty centres, etc.

We seek to work with the best suppliers of raw materials in order to, together with the excellent human team that makes up Uniformes Gary's, obtain the highest quality in all our products.

We are a safe bet for all professionals who wish to dress in a comfortable, modern and safe way in their day-to-day work.


We like to help


A large number of charities count on our support in their cause, as we walk our path in partnership.

Every step we take is hand in hand with our distributors, thinking of the end customer, who are all those professionals who place their trust in us at every turn.

We work for a happier day by day.

Happier Workplaces


Uniformes Gary's en Chef & Kids - Estrella Michelín