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Comfort and protection with good style in the Skechers Work: Squad SR shoe. This slip-resistant sneaker has a mesh upper with a stretch laced front and a memory foam padded insole.

• Work footwear.
• Smooth synthetic overlays at toe, heel and laces for durability.
• Slip resistant sneaker with laces and for work.
• Protective smooth synthetic overlays on toe and heel.
• Front panel with elastic laces for easy fit.
• Overlapping heel panel with lace up.
• Front panel with a high vertex design for greatercomfort.
• Padded collar.
• Soft fabric lining.
• Non-slip sole "SRC" level tested on tile and steel.
• Resistant to hydrocarbons.
• Energy absorption of seat region.
• ESD Electric Static Dissipate desing for use in electrically sensitive workplaces.

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