Maximum washing temperature 40ºC. Normal process Non-bleaching Hydrocarbons (distillation temperature between 150ºC and 210ºC). Normal process Ironing at a maximum temperature of 150ºC Drum drying not allowed
TWILL 100% PES RECYCLED - 200 gr/m²

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The SABANA babi features an open design with a front closure with visible lozenge buttons. This design makes it easy for children to put it on and take it off, promoting independence and self-care skills.

The long sleeves of the babi include elastic at the cuffs, which ensures a comfortable fit and keeps the sleeves in place during children's daily activities.

The choice of material is essential when making sustainable garments. The SABANA babi is made from 100% Organic Cotton Canvas, which makes it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, as well as being an environmentally friendly choice. This organic cotton comes from crops that are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, which helps to reduce environmental impact.

The SABANA babi features an original marker print on the top, sleeves and pocket. This design brings a touch of fun and creativity to the garment, which can inspire children in their learning process.

For added convenience, the SABANA babi offers the possibility to purchase a matching backpack, allowing children to carry their belongings in an organised and comfortable way.

It is easy to care for, as it is easy to wash and iron, which makes it easy to maintain and prolongs its durability.

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