Maximum washing temperature 90ºC. Normal process Non-bleaching Hydrocarbons (distillation temperature between 150ºC and 210ºC). Normal process Ironing at a maximum temperature of 150ºC Drum drying not allowed
MICROFIBER 100% PES - 148 gr/m²

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This cap is made of 100% polyester microfibre. This material is chosen for its softness, durability and stain resistance, ensuring it is a long-term investment in your working comfort.

The wide range of prints available allows you to choose from medical-related motifs, adorable pet designs or even cancer charity patterns. Not only does this give you choice, it allows you to express your personality and support important causes.

The addition of an elastic backing allows for a snug and secure fit. You no longer have to worry about the beanie moving or loosening during your activities.

The terry cloth band on the front not only adds comfort, but also wicks away sweat, helping to keep your forehead cool and dry in demanding conditions.

The back elastic provides a comfortable and secure fit, regardless of your head shape or hair type.

The wide variety of prints available allows you to express your style and personality in your workwear.

The high quality microfibre ensures that this cap will stand up to daily wear and tear and stay in excellent condition for a long time.

Ideal as a complement to uniforms for nurses, doctors, veterinarians and other professionals in hospitals, medical centres and clinics, or for medical or animal-related businesses.

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