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Unrivalled comfort and protection with our 10 Pack of TNT Waterproof Disposable Gowns, an essential choice in healthcare workwear for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists and physiotherapists. These unisex gowns offer a practical and effective solution for demanding environments.

Each gown, with tie fastening, round neck and long sleeves with elastic, provides complete protection and superior adaptability. Made from 100% POLYPROPILENE 30 or 40gr/m², these disposable gowns guarantee an effective barrier against liquids, ensuring a safe environment in medical-hospital, laboratory, clinical, veterinary and aesthetic environments.

This pack of 10 units not only provides convenience, but also an efficient solution for maintaining hygiene in the work wardrobe. Opt for our TNT Waterproof Disposable Gowns and provide your team of healthcare professionals with the best protection without compromising on comfort. Raise the standards of your healthcare apparel with our exceptional offer of disposable gowns!

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