Non-bleaching Hydrocarbons (distillation temperature between 150ºC and 210ºC). Normal process No usar limpieza en húmedo Ironing at a maximum temperature of 110ºC Drum drying not allowed Maximum washing temperature 30ºC. Gentle process
WELSH 54% PES 44% WO 2% EA - 331 gr/m²

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The unisex Welsh cap has a versatile design that suits men and women alike, making it an ideal choice for waiters, maîtres, sommeliers and owners of restaurants, bars and hotels.

The cap's rigid visor provides shade and protection from direct light, making it practical and functional for those working in environments where lighting can be intense.

The hidden elastic at the back allows for a customised and comfortable fit to accommodate different head sizes, ensuring the cap stays in place all day long.

Available in three different colours, you can choose the one that best suits the aesthetics of your establishment or personal uniform.

Made from high quality WELSH, this cap is durable and wear-resistant, making it a long-term investment.

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