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Maximum washing temperature 40ºC. Normal process Non-bleaching Hydrocarbons (distillation temperature between 150ºC and 210ºC). Normal process Ironing at a maximum temperature of 150ºC Can be tumble dried
TWILL 65% PES 35% CO - 200 gr/m²
The lab coat features a lab-style design that is suitable for both boys and girls. Its classic style is versatile and adapts to multiple situations, making it a practical garment for a variety of activities.

The lab coat fastens with exposed buttons, making it easy to wear and easy for children to put on and take off. This is especially useful in school settings and activities where they need to dress and undress quickly.

Stylish and professional. Elasticated cuffs ensure a comfortable fit and prevent the sleeves from getting dirty during activities.

With two side pockets and a chest pocket, the coat offers ample storage space for children to carry small items, utensils or tools they need for their activities.

It is made from white SARGA, a hard-wearing fabric that can withstand daily wear and tear and multiple washings without losing its appearance or quality.

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